The Use of Safe, Biocompatible & Non-Allergic Materials (MERCURY FREE)

At The Brush Stop we believe that if a material is going to be exposed to a child, it must be beneficial and biocompatible. We are committed to using non-allergic, quality products in all our treatments.


At The Brush Stop, it is our goal to provide children with a lifetime of successful dentistry. This means we strive to make each and every visit a positive experience, and we do not feel that the use of restraints helps foster trust. We utilize other behavior management techniques to give your child the most pleasant experience possible!


The Isolite allows your child to receive care in the most comfortable and expedient manner possible. It does so my brightly lighting mouth, while retracting the tongue and check with a mouth rest, and suctioning for maximum comfort. It not only shortens the amount of time your child’s mouth is open during treatment, but also protects the delicate tissues surrounding the teeth.


We utilize Ozone Therapy to kill bacteria naturally. By compressing medical grade oxygen from O2 to O3, we can safely, and naturally kill pathogens attacking teeth, and remain conservative in our treatment plans, while reducing the need for antibiotics and other medications.


In certain instances, we will partner with a lab in order to assess a child’s individual material needs through biologic testing. Dental materials are tested and compared against individual’s blood to determine whether they may be highly reactive, and thus catering each child’s dental treatment to their individual need.

pH Testing

We test pH values in our high-risk patients to determine whether their overall pH could be contributing to their cavity risk, as well as work on ways to change the pH to a healthier balance.


We use only the most cutting edge technology in our practice, and our CO2 laser is no exception. CO2 lasers can vaporize soft tissue quickly and precisely. CO2 lasers work equally well both for gross debulking of soft tissue and for such fine tissue procedures as frenulum release.

The CO2 dental laser allows us to perform soft tissue procedures and treatments not easily achieved with scalpels, such as fibroma removal, aphthous and herpetic lesions treatment,  soft-tissue crown lengthening, gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, soft-tissue biopsies, and others, often without bleeding, anesthetic or sutures.

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Our office is equipped with televisions at every chair, and an i-Pad gaming center for your child’s entertainment. Children can sit back, relax and watch their favorite movies while we are working on maintaining their oral health!


Our low noise, mini handpieces are tiny and quiet, to help create the most relaxing and soothing environment possible.


Our office is completely digital, and this includes our X-rays. X-rays are essential in surveying erupting teeth, diagnosing bone disease, monitoring skeletal development, and detecting cavities. We follow the guidelines of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, who recommends x-rays be taken for initial examinations and at 6 and 12 month intervals for children at high risk of cavities.

Our digital x-rays emit the lowest possible amount of radiation in the industry, and we take extra precautions to protect our patients from radiation exposure, including lead aprons and thyroid collars.


For small cavities caught early, air abrasion is a tool used to clean decay without drilling or numbing. A high pressure stream of air and fine sand particles clean the tooth without vibrations or noise.


Loupes are special glasses Dr. Khoury wears with small built-in binoculars that magnify everything 2.5 times bigger. This view allows treatment to be performed on a more exact level and makes it easier to see things that could be missed without magnification.