Top Pediatric Dentist shares tips on packing school lunches

Back to school means back to packing lunches! And while moms pack a little extra love in each lunch box, it’s also important to make sure the food choices we make for our children are kind to their tummies and their mouths. So listen up moms, while our Top Pediatric Dentist shares tips on packing school lunches.

Cavities are often caused more by the frequency and duration that the teeth are exposed to an acidic environment, and less dependent on sugar consumption.

Cariostatic foods are foods that DO NOT cause a drop in pH in the oral cavity. Meaning these types of foods do not cause acid to build up in or around the teeth. These types of food help form a protective coating on the teeth and neutralize acidic levels of the mouth formed by bacteria.

Anticariogenic foods are foods with constituents that have beneficial effects that inhibit the development of caries.

* If a food is Anticariogenic or cariostatic it means they either help to prevent cavities, or do not increase the likelihood of getting cavities.

* Each meal should include either an anticariogenic or cariostatic food

Examples are: Milk, Cheese, Nuts (almonds!), Protein, most vegetables, strawberries, apples, and raspberries.

For a sweeter treat, Cacao Dark Chocolate-in moderation

Sugar free gums with xylitol can actually help to prevent cavities!


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* Be careful of sticky foods, including dried fruit and bananas. While they are a healthy snack choice, the sugars still stick to the teeth, and stay in the mouth longer, thus creating an acidic environment for the bacteria to thrive.


*AAP has recommended children one through six years of age consume no more than four ounces of fruit juice per day, from a cup (ie, not a bottle or covered cup) and as part of a meal or snack.


* Be careful of vitamin waters and sports drinks!


* Even some bottled waters have a low pH (acidic) meaning it can be stripping the enamel. Try Carlsbad’s alkaline water if going bottled! Neutral pH


* Always keep in mind that whatever your child is eating, the pH drops in their mouth and stays acidic for about 20min before reaching neutral pH. So limiting frequent snacking will cut your cavity risks!


For more tips/tricks on how to keep your child’s lunch box cavity free, call The Brush Stop Pediatric Dentistry at 760-635-5995! To Learn more, check out:

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