The Brush Stop gives back: The Purple Purse Project

While the heat hasn’t slowed down in San Diego, Fall is officially here! And along with everything pumpkin, we also consider Fall to be one of our favorite times of year to give thanks and give back. In addition to it being Breast Cancer awareness month, and Orthodontic Health Month, the month of October also happens to be Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and to kick off our holiday The Brush Stop Pediatric Dentistry teamed up with an amazing group of people from The Purple Purse to come together to assist families in San Diego who have fallen victim to Domestic Violence or Sexual Abuse.

Purple Purse Project: The Brush Stop

The Allstate Purple Purse Foundation (Purple Purse Project) comes together to help victims of domestic and sexual abuse form all over the country.  1 in 4 women will experience some form of domestic violence in their lifetime. However, Domestic Violence is more than physical violence, in fact financial abuse occurs in 99% of domestic violence cases.  Financial abuse is considered the invisible weapon and it is one of the most powerful used to keep victims from leaving.


In addition to Domestic Violence, Sexual Abuse is sadly thriving in our own back yard. In San Diego, sex trafficking brings approximately $810 million in generated revenue.  California is one of the top four states in the US for Human Trafficking and San Diego has been listed as one of the 13 cities that is a high intensity child prostitution area by the FBI.


We want a better and brighter future for our children, and these are some of the few reasons you may consider assisting in some small way. If you would like to learn more about how you can help this amazing foundation check out (Purple Purse Project)

A special thanks to Henry Schein who helped The Brush Stop Pediatric Dentistry be able to donate hundreds of oral hygiene kits to these children and their families.

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