Should I take my teenager to a Pediatric Dentist?

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Should I take my teenager to a Pediatric Dentist?

When we think of the word Pediatrics we often think of the years of development from newborn, through infancy, into early childhood. However, growing does not stop at childhood. Teens experience exponential and important growth in the skeletal and muscular development of their faces and jaws. The change in hormones, and overall diet and oral hygiene habits in teens, can also lead to a heightened susceptibility to periodontal disease.

Additionally, adolescents are also transitioning from their primary teeth to the their permanent, and these teeth that have just erupted are particularly vulnerable to decay. New permanent teeth are not yet fully developed in an adolescent mouth. Don’t worry parents! Just because your teen’s mouth is filled with permanent teeth, doesn’t mean he/she isn’t your baby anymore! Each of those teeth will take years to fully develop. When a tooth erupts, the root of the tooth is still open. It can take up to three years for the root to close and mature. Therefore, caring for immature permanent teeth in adolescents is extremely delicate, and should be trusted with a specialist.

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At the Brush Stop Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on watching our patients grow! Many of Dr. Khoury’s patients have been treated during their teen years, and many return to us throughout their college years.

So while the name may be misleading, pediatric dentists are specialized in the growth and development of babies, through to childhood, and beyond into adolescence and young adulthood. There are many topics such a piercings, tobacco use, and mouth guards that a pediatric dentist is well versed in, and can assist in guiding your teen to make healthy choices for their mouths, bodies and lives.

And if nothing else convinces you, then remember this. You can never be too old for a prize at the end of your visit!

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– Dr. Jenna Khoury, a Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist in Carlsbad, CA.

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