What Is Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC)? 

Monitored anesthesia care (MAC) is a planned procedure during which the patient undergoes local anesthesia together with sedation and analgesia. Actually MAC is the first choice in 10-30% of all the surgical procedures. The 3 fundamental elements and purposes of a conscious sedation during a MAC are: a safe sedation, the control of the patient anxiety and the pain control. MAC is a controlled state of deep sedation that eliminates awareness, and discomfort during dental treatment. MAC is performed by an American Board Certified Anesthesiologist with specialized training, in order to provide your child with a safe, anxiety-free approach to treatment, performs this treatment.

Who Should Receive MAC For Dental Treatment? 

MAC may be indicated for children with extensive dental needs who are pre-cooperative, fearful or anxious or for the very young who do not understand how to cope in a cooperative fashion. MAC can also be helpful for children requiring significant surgical procedures or patients having special health care needs.

Is it Safe? 

Your child’s wellbeing is our utmost concern. MAC is one of the most safe and predictable ways to perform extended treatment, due to the fact there are multiple doctors with your child throughout the appointment, and all medications can be titrated more easily and predictably. Although there is some risk associated with MAC, it is used safely and effectively when administered by an appropriately trained individual in an appropriately equipped facility. Precautions are taken to protect your child during the procedure; personnel who are trained to manage complications will monitor your child closely. Dr. Khoury will discuss the benefits and risks of general anesthesia and why it is recommended for your child.

What Special Considerations Are Associated With The MAC Appointment? 

A physical evaluation is required prior to MAC for dental care. This physical assessment provides information to ensure the safety of your child during the general anesthesia procedure. Our Anesthesiologist generally performs this physical assessment, barring any major medical complications.

Parents are instructed to report any illness that occurs prior to the MAC appointment. It may be necessary to reschedule the appointment. It is very important to follow instructions regarding fasting from fluids and foods prior to the appointment.

Your child will be discharged when stable, alert, and ready to depart. Patients often are tired following MAC. You will be instructed to let the child rest at home with minimal activity until the next day. Post-operative dietary recommendations also will be given.