We understand that each child is an individual, needing to be treated in a unique way. This is why Dr. Khoury & her team use various methods, including aromatherapy, to help your child make a satisfactory adjustment to dental examinations and treatment.

One of the various techniques utilized in our office includes the Tell-Show-Do method, in which Dr. Khoury will first tell a child about the procedure. We then show the child the different materials, and sounds associated with the procedure so that the child can get acquainted. Finally, we complete the procedure while reminding the child of all the various steps.

Another approach is Voice Control. As is true for most individuals, using a calm, soothing, and matter-of-fact voice is always helpful. Voice control involves raising the volume and changing the tone of your voice to regain the child’s attention. If an individual becomes upset or if a visit needs to end prematurely, maintain a matter-of-fact attitude and end on a positive note.

Children often respond well to being distracted while undergoing some procedures. Distracting activities might include watching a favorite movie, listening to music, or holding onto special objects. This is why you will see TV’s and headphones above every chair!

What we can assure you is that physical restraints will not be utilized in our office, unless it is medically necessary. We attempt to foster trust in everything we do, and feel that the use of restraints impedes a child’s positive experiences.