Keeko Oil is the new natural way to whiten teeth by Pediatric Dentist in Carlsbad

When a child starts to shed their primary teeth, you may notice that the permanent teeth that come in look considerably more yellow. This is alarming to a lot of parents, and socially distracting to even more kids! It’s difficult to muster through the halls of elementary and middle school sporting a smile of different shades! So one question I often get asked by parents is, “Can we whiten their teeth at this age?”

Before I go to far into it, let me explain what’s going on. The permanent teeth are a lot more calcified than their predecessors. This is why you see the additional yellow tint. Over time with the use of whitening agents in toothpastes and bleach, we end up with the white smile so many of us have grown accustomed to.

That being said, it is crucial to realize that NOT ALL BLEACH is created equal. Depending on your child’s age, certain bleaches should be avoided, including those in crest whitening strips. Keep in mind that children have young immature teeth that cannot withstand the sensitivity or aggressive nature of some bleach. That being said, there are several options we are more than happy to discuss with parents at The Brush Stop.

But now there’s a new, ALL NATURAL, and totally SAFE way to whiten teeth. Introducing KEEKO OIL! This is an Australian based company that has come up with a way to oil pull with a twist! The ancient practice of coconut oil pulling has been around for centuries, and has proven to release the body of toxins, whiten teeth, clear up skin, and assist in healing periodontal disease. Unfortunately anyone who has actually tried coconut pulling will tell you it doesn’t always taste the greatest, and you have to swish for up to 20 minutes a day! It’s hard enough to get a child to brush and floss, let alone sit with something that doesn’t taste that great in their mouth for twenty minutes! Keeko oil is a special blend of cold pressed coconut oil, and other essential oils that give it a refreshing and delicious flavor. It’s not hard to get kids to use it! And after a two-week treatment, the results are mind-boggling!

keeko oil at pediatric dentist The BRUSH STOP Dr. Jenna Khoury


So how are you supposed to get Keeko-oil if it’s from Australia you ask? Well, great news! The Brush Stop is an official provider; all you have to do is call us to reserve your package at 760-635-5995. And the best part is that it costs less than what you would spend on Crest White Strips!

It’s natural, safe for all ages, and all you have to do is swoosh and spit. You have nothing to lose!


PS: adults can use it too!

Take a look at some of these awesome results.

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