How to make your surgical mask fit more like an N95

Please enjoy this quick video in how to do it for your NEW and improved Surgical mask to fit more like an N95 mask :

Now that San Diego has an official mandate that we must all cover our faces when around those that aren’t in the same household, I thought I’d share a trick to making your standard surgical mask fit more like an N95. With these uncertain times due to COVID-19, it important that we can extra measures to stay safe and healthy.
Front line workers need N95s when in direct contact with Covid-19 patients. So if you have a stash of both surgical masks and N95s, feel free to donate those N95s to a frontline worker in need.
Depending on the ASTM, (American Society of Testing and Materials), level of your surgical mask, you can count on anywhere from 95-98%  bacterial and particulate filtration. The major issue with surgical masks is that when they are worn normally, they leave a lot of gaping holes and do not create a solid seal around the face. The following tricks will help reduce those gaps, and help your surgical mask contour to your face much better.

Now were are the Step by step process for your Surgical Mask upgrade:

how to upgrade your Surgical Mask to N95
1. In the middle of the nasal bridge area in your surgical mask, bend two small fold in the shape of a “W”.
2. Push the points of the “W” out and flatten. This will make a heart shape. You can open this up and contour it around the bridge of your nose.
3. Knot the ear loops right next to the edge of the mask on each side.
how to upgrade your Surgical Mask to N95
4. Push the sides of the mask that result in a gap inward and flatten each side. You can use a staple or tape to close if it comes loose.
Fit around your nose, cheeks and under your jaw line, pressing along the outlet edge to get a great seal.
how to upgrade your Surgical Mask to N95
Disclaimer: this is not recommended in lieu of an N95. This is simply intended for the lay public who would like to contour their surgical mask.
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