If your child is having dental work done, please be a “silent observer”.

We welcome parents to be near during treatment; however, it is important that Dr. Khoury and her team are given the chance to establish a closer rapport with your child. Our purpose is to gain your child’s confidence and overcome apprehension. For many children, the voice of a parent will always be the one they choose to hear. Thus, we kindly ask for your help by being a quiet observer in the room and allowing your child to focus their attention on Dr. Khoury and her team. To support this, we ask that you remain behind the dental chair out of direct view. We have provided seating directly behind every operatory so that you may be present, and ensure your child’s safety, while allowing us to create a trusting bond with your child. For the safety and privacy of all patients, other children who are not being treated must remain in the reception room with a supervising adult.

These are ways that you can actively help make your child’s visit a success.