Post Operative instructions for Crowns

  • Your child should have a soft diet the remainder of the day.
  • The gums may appear red and feel sore after the placement of the crown. This is normal and should improve within a week. If child indicates their gums are sore, administer Children’s Tylenol, or Motrin as directed on the bottle.
  • Keep the area clean with brushing and flossing. Dental plaque should be removed with brushing. The gums may bleed initially. This is normal and brushing should not be discontinued if this occurs.
  • Your child may describe the crowns as feeling different. Speech and bite may temporarily be affected. Please allow time for your child to acclimate to their new crown.
  • Your child may have initial sensitivity to hot or cold foods and/or liquids. This will subside over a few weeks as the tooth acclimates to the new crown/s.
  • Your child should avoid sticky candies, gums, etc. They may weaken the adhesive cement that was used to permanently place the crown on the prepared tooth. If the crown does come off, save the crown and call our office. Do not wait too long as the tooth without the crown may move in the mouth and require the tooth to be re-prepared for a new crown; if a crown is left off a tooth too long it can result in tooth loss.