Are digital x-rays safe?

Risks and benefits must always be weighed when discussing any kind of treatment. At The Brush Stop Dental, we are particularly careful to minimize the exposure of our patients to radiation, by utilizing the most advanced, digital x-rays units that emit the lowest possible amount of radiation in the industry (less than .05 millirems). With lead body aprons to shield your child’s body, equipment that effectively filters and reduces the amount of radiation received, and the high-speed film assures that your child receives negligible radiation.

In order to reference radiation exposure, it is important to define the units at which radiation is measured. A millirem is a unit of absorbed radiation dose.

A person would get this amount of radiation from:

  • three days living in Atlanta
  • About seven hours in certain areas of Brazil
  • If you live at high elevations, like Denver, Colorado, you are naturally exposed to about 50-70 more millirems per year than living in, say, Seattle, Washington (sea level).
  • Being next to the Rocky Mountains will net you exposure to about 40 extra millirems per year, due to the uranium in the soil.
  • Every U.S. coast to coast round trip flight will expose you to about 10 extra millirems per trip.
  • On average, a person living in the United States will naturally be exposed to somewhere around 360 millirems (36,500 bananas) of radiation per year, with the vast majority of that (300 millirems or so) coming from the sun, soil, rocks, and other natural sources.
  • If you sat about 1 inch away from your tv-set, you’d receive about .5 millirems per hour.