Author: Dylan’s Mom  (Guest Blogger) 

Dylan’s Story: An epilepsy warrior and our hero

I am Dylan’s Mom and we want to share this story with everyone and anyone. We asked Dr. Khoury from The Brush Stop Pediatric Dentistry to please share the following story about Dylan.  We thank you in advance for your time and any potential donations!

Hello,This is Dylan and he could really use your help. We would like to share his story with you and we hope that you will consider helping him if you’re able.

Dylan -

Dylan was diagnosed with epilepsy at 3 weeks old. By age 2 he hadn’t reached any of his milestones and his seizures were very difficult to control with medications. We decided to proceed with brain surgery at that time and by age 3 he was doing some things on his own. He started playing with toys, scooting around on the floor while sitting, and he was standing and trying to take steps. His seizures were also much better. Unfortunately, by age 5, his seizures started getting worse and we were told that he had hydrocephalus. He needed another surgery to have a vp shunt placed to drain the fluid off of his brain. That was in 2011. That’s when he went into status seizures and was placed in a medically induced come for 5 weeks. He was in the hospital for 4 months and he lost all of the physical abilities he had gained over those few years.

It is now 2017 and Dylan is doing better but he hasn’t been able to get any consistent therapies to help him regain his physical abilities. Insurance will not cover them and they’re very expensive. He needs some extensive therapy for 4 weeks and then maintenance therapy after that of about 3 hours a week. The therapy is $100/hour. The therapy center is very confident that Dylan will be able to stand and sit again and possibly even walk. We hate asking for help but we want our son to get better and we don’t have any other means of providing this therapy for him. That is very difficult for us because not only do we want him to be better but he deserves it more than anyone I’ve ever known. Dylan is full of life, he’s always happy, and he never complains. He is our hero and our little warrior. We know that he will work hard and make huge accomplishments!

We are working with a wonderful non-profit foundation and they have started a page for Dylan. Any donations given are tax deductible and get paid directly to the therapy center. You can read more about them and Dylan by using the link at the bottom of the page. We appreciate you taking the time to read his story and for helping if you can. If you’re not able to donate, that’s okay. You can still help Dylan by sharing his link on social media to help us get the word out. Thank you very much!

To learn more and contribute to this great cause, see below:

Thank you!

From Dylan’s Mom