Dentistry: The #1 Unhealthiest Job in the Country

Dentistry: The #1 Unhealthiest Job in the Country

According to Business Insider, Dentists have the unhealthiest job in America. Why you might ask? Dental offices can be full of particulates that are potentially damaging to your health. When you imagine polluted air, you might be thinking of things like a smoggy city or smoke from forest fires. But what about indoor air quality?


When a drill or water spray is created, invisible bits of material can become airborne and float around the office. These materials are known as bio-aerosols. While you can’t see them, they are there and can cause many of the same problems as other more visible pollutants. In some cases, the effects are even worse, especially when dentists use mercury fillings and other toxins. And that is EXACTLY WHAT SETS US APART at The Brush Stop. Not only do we avoid the use of toxic materials like mercury, but we utilize our Surgically Clean Air unit to clean, ionize and disinfect all the air of anything bigger than .01 microns in the office, including most viruses, bacteria, and toxic chemicals.


Being more holisitic in our practices means we focus on whole-body health. So we have been spending a lot of time learning about all the toxins, viruses, and pollutants we breathe in daily. We have many natural defenses against dangerous particles in the air. The hairs in our nose and our mucous membranes are very effective at filtering out larger dust particles and debris. But breathing in potentially toxic materials adds stress to our bodies. This can lead to health problems in our respiratory systems and throughout our bodies.


Our immune systems– when working properly– fight off most common bacteria and viruses. But when weakened by disease or stress, our immune systems aren’t as efficient and we’re more susceptible to disease. It’s a vicious cycle that can begin with breathing polluted air.


According to the World Health Organization, as many as 3 MILLION people die from the effects of air pollution every year.


Sneezing and coughing are natural defenses against air pollution, allergens, and irritants. But they’re also representative of an immune response that shows your body is being stressed. Many people will simply treat the symptom – the coughing and sneezing.


It’s important to look beyond the symptoms to find the root cause of the issue. Black mold, for example, is especially common in older homes and can cause lifelong health problems.


If you overlook the root cause of breathing problems, your whole body will pay the price.

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